A training web acceptance system seriously developed by a company that holds 30 times of training per year!

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  • check_circle Work time is taken to accept applications by paper or e-mail.
  • check_circle I feel annoyed with management in Excel.
  • check_circle I would like to accept WEB but I can not find a system that can cover current work.
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If it is Uzful, we will solve that problem!

Because ,,,

Uzful is actually a WEB application system developed by a company that operates training that 30 times and 750 people take for training.

We provide functions necessary for works application acceptance of training that can not be handled by event WEB reception system,

such as application of student at a time by reception personnel and acceptance of cancellation waiting.

Specific functions


    Web application site can be opened quickly!

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    Within 30 minutes you can start training web application.

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    Covers the functions necessary for the training work!

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    You can provide the collective participant application function by customer training staff.

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    You can discount tuition fees according to the number of participants

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    You can also accept cancellation receipts as well as participants waiting for cancellation

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    Fulfilling customer management function!


    You do not need to send you a reception confirmation or a reminder e-mail. Because it does automatic transmission.

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    You can also issue invoices, issue receipts and send them automatically from the system.

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    You can send e - mails to the customer 's training staff and training participants all at once.

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    You can manage attendance of participants in the training, evaluation of success or failure.

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    Safety and safety

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    Of course, Secure communication by SSL is standard equipment in the form.

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    We will operate the data in a server environment that ensures security.

Benefits of use

Using Uzful ,,,


    Overwhelming reduction of application reception works!

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    You can greatly reduce office works such as accepting applications, cancellation acceptance, sending invoices.

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    Improve booking rate!

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    The reservation rate improves by accepting 24 hours and accepting cancellation wait.

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    Reduction of human error!

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    Sending invoices and remind mails, etc. are automated, eliminating human intervention, so we can reduce human error.

How to use

<Host company for training (you)>

1. Application for "Uzful" appfrom WEB

2. Register training information

3. You can start accepting application for training on WEB


1. They choose the training they want to take on the web

2. They enter necessary information such as participants and billing address on WEB

3. They will complete the application for training

There is also such a function!

Applicants who wish to secure only tickets for the time being can decide and enter the participants after applying.

Once you register your training information, you can easily duplicate with the copy function after the second time.

You can manage whether the applicant has deposited money or not.

Mail to be sent to customers can use the template function to create sentences quickly.

Participant's data can be downloaded. It can be easily imported into your company's customer management system.

¥ 30,000

per month

Free for the first month.
If you wish to continue using, 30,000 yen / month (excluding tax)

If you pay for one year at a time,

324,000 yen (10% discount from normal price)